Generator protection

XMR-D is a part of XMORE platform, the complete range of IEDs for Medium Voltage application including feeder, motor, generator, transformer and capacitor bank; it is the multifunction and comprehensive Motor and Generator protection relay, including Differential element.

Thanks to Hardware and Software modularity XMR-D is flexible and scalable in term of application and performance.


Enhancements to protect and analyze power system operation in disturbance conditions:

  • Up to 12 analogue inputs
  • 32 sample for cycle Oscillography fault recording
  • 64 sample for cycle measurement for accuracy of protection element
  • Up to 0,5 class Power and Energy measurement

Enhanced Time synchronization solution for SOE recording:

  • Precision Time Protocol PTP according to IEC1588
  • SNTP

Communication Security through redundancy protocol and Cyber Security package :

  • High available Seamless Redundancy support HSR
  • Parallel Redundancy Protocol support PRP
  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol RSTP
  • Advanced built in Cyber Security

Widely implemented in Smart Grid and Substation Automation System:

  • IEC61850 Ed.1/Ed.2
  • IEC 870-5-103
  • Modbus (Serial/TCP)
  • DNP3 (Serial/TCP)


Standard Protective & control elements
  • Under Impedence
  • Over Flux(V/Hz)
  • SynchroCheck
  • Under Voltage
  • Positive Sequence Undervoltage
  • 100%Stator earth fault with 3rd harmonic
  • Directional active overpower
  • Directional reactive overpower
  • Directional active underpower
  • Directional reactive underpower
  • Loss of Field
  • Out of Step Protection
  • Under Current
  • Negative sequence overcurrent transformer
  • Negative /positive sequence current ratio
  • Thermal Image Transformer
  • Thermal Image Motor/Generator
  • Negative sequence overcurrent Motor/Generator
  • Phase reversal
  • Unintentional energisation at standstill protection
  • Phase overcurrent side H and side L
  • Maximum Residual Overcurrent
  • Maximum Residual Overcurrent(2)
  • Calculated Residual Overcurrent
  • Locked Rotor
  • Voltage restraint overcurrent
  • Minimum Power Factor
  • Overvoltage
  • Residual Overvoltage
  • Rotor Earth Fault
  • Low impedance restricted earth fault
  • Maximum number of startings (Restart inhibition)
  • Phase Directional Overcurrent (Voltmetric Permission)
  • Ground directional overcurrent
  • Ground directional overcurrent with calculated residual current
  • Automatic Recloser
  • Vector Jump
  • Over frequency
  • Under frequency
  • Frequency rate Change
  • Double slope biased differential for Generator/ Motor/Transformer
  • Breaker Failure
  • CT Supervision
  • VT Supervision
  • Trip Circuit Supervision
  • Remote TRIP
  • 2ndh-REST
  • Multiple Profiles (A, B)
SW Pack optional configuration
  • Thermal with Pt100 Probes

XMR relay needs special hardware modules. The following functions can be enabled only with the presence of the relative module:

  • Thermal with Pt100 Probes
  • Lock-out
  • Arc flash
  • Rotor Earth Fault