Innovative aspects of electrical protection

DATE: 07 05 2021

TIME: 16:00 - 19:00

SPEAKERS: ANDREA LORENZI Energy Sales Manager - Thytronic S.P.A and MAURIZIO SIRONI Education Manager- Thytronic S.P.A


With the evolution of technology, particularly in the field of electronics applied to electrical systems, new and different requests arise from end users and customers compared to the past, such as access to forms of incentives or "cyber-security" , consequently also involving various professionals on the part of the manufacturers. The webinar highlights the two aspects mentioned, which concern in a transversal way designers, installers technicians and end users, but, above all the second, also operators of distribution companies.

  • Transition 4.0: can a protection transform the electrical panel into digital so that you have access to the tax credit?
  • Web Server: can it improve accessibility on "critical" systems such as protection systems without creating a breach towards malicious access?


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